Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrate Diversity

Helping out at Tillicum Elementary through Communities In Schools of Lakewood - I began asking the students where they are from...

Tillicum is an incredibly diverse community. Down the hallway at the school is a row of paper hands and a banner that says "There is no such thing as black or white but various shades of brown...."

Anyhow... I've always wondered when someone starts to identify themselves as American? When does the line become so muddled that when you ask someone where they are from the answer is "right here".

I'm definitely American. There are pieces of that I'm proud of and there are pieces of that I'm not (my lack of geography skills)... My mother's family was dutch a few generations back and it's fun to know that I have some of that in my blood - but when it comes down to it - I'm American. I was born here. My parents were born here...

That being said - when I asked the students - they had some pretty good answers.




Michigan.... (I asked, "Do you know where your family came from before Michigan?.... pause.... answer: "Detroit?")


  1. No way. Love the Michigan student. For real.

  2. Kids always come up with good answers.
    Its always good to know one's roots.

  3. Cool idea for a few photos. And, no one ever said geography was easy!

    I met a girl from Siberia today and will post her portrait on my blog tomorrow.

  4. It is indeed difference which unites us all, being human.

    Please have you all a good Friday.

    daily athens

  5. Hi Christina! Thanks for stopping by Ocala Florida Photos...interesting that you used to work for Olive Garden. These two were very nice young women.

    Before I retired I taught U.S. Miramar, Florida. Many, if not most of my students, had never been outside the state of Florida. In fact, they had never been outside of south Florida! When they heard I had spent a few years in Minneapolis, they thought that was the "wild west," and wondered if we had street lights and drove cars? This was in the 1990s!

    Great fun! But I must say I think it's more important to see ourselves as members of the human race wherever we were born than it is to think of ourselves as of some "nation." Not long ago, "America" (a misnomer) didn't even exist. And today we society is global - our economy is global. What happens here impacts billions of people in other countries and what happens in other countries has a big impact on us. We're either gonna sink or swim, together!

    Okay, I'll quit! :-)

  6. Looks like it was a fun day!

  7. Interestin topic. Good for you for asking the kids interesting questions. MB

  8. PS. I love your Bee story. buzzzzzzz!! MB


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