About the Photographer

Hello! My name is Christina Klas and I find immense joy in photographs... 
I’ve been taking photos since I was a wee-one & taking my old 35mm Pentax to tag along to my dad’s wedding photography gigs... 

Please feel free to say hi!
Let's be friends.

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And, often, life is about more than photography (whhhaaa?)

If you've been following my blog, or my life, for any amount of time - I sincerely HOPE you have heard my love for the Lord loud and clear.

He is my Hope.

I had a professor in college who was vocally "anti-Jesus". We had a lot of conversations with his office door shut. His stance: "How can you be a smart, educated young woman and believe in Jesus? That doesn't make any sense." His heart had been wounded. I don't know what it was specifically but repeatedly he asked me "How can you believe - when good people suffer..." Many children died as I typed this blog. Malnutrition... Neglect... Abortion... You name it.

I believe in Jesus because without him there is no hope.

If there is nothing greater than you. If there is nothing greater than me (good grief there BETTER be something better than me). This is all meaningless. We can love eachother. We can give of ourselves for one another but if it all ends - if it's just darkness and no more.

Then I've got nothing to hope for.

Jesus offers Hope. He offers it to you. He offers it to me. He even offers it to the professor who once told me, with tears in his eyes that if God were real "He'd use him for a toilet". 

Hope in the Lord.

And in the mean time...

Living is not about staying in one place. But about the journey. So as I travel through this life with my small family - I dream. I dream that someday I can do the following....

My 50x50
(... in no particular order & subject to change... cause I can do that)

1. DONE!! Graduate with my Masters 

2. Own a home (with a fenced yard and one that has all the things I've dreamed of... a wrap around porch, a second story deck, large fireplace like in "Citizen Kane"...)

3. Visit Sicily

4. Become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

5. Have Babies (a herd of them!)

6. Convince my husband he wants a herd of children ;)

7. Return to Africa

8. Visit Disneyworld

9. Be a Foster Parent

10. Have an extravagant passion for the Lord

11. Have a "Beauty and the Beast" Library

12. Volunteer as a counselor for CareNet

13. Return to the darkroom

14. Take a bicycle vacation with my hubby

16. Get paid REGULARLY for taking photos

17. Be a cook - a genuine "knows how to cook" kinda girl

18. Read the Bible straight through

19. Find Sara Brown - My former Mentee

20. See prayer answered in a miraculous way (since this happened with the birth story of my brother's son, #15,  - I guess I could technically check it off - but I want this one to have it's own unique story)

21. Write a book - in partnership with my hubby

22. Reach over 500 posts (Good grief... by the time I'm 50 I better have had 500 posts! Then again my commitment level needs to get a bit higher)

23. Feel like a grown-up

24. Play the Cello

25. Perform cello with husband on guitar

26. Live somewhere I've never lived before

27. Visit New York City

28. Attend a Greenbay Packers Game in Lambeau Field

29. Fix my 1969 International Scout

30. Own and wear a pair of my own Dutch wooden shoes (I know that I have no need for these. I don't even garden. Which I'm assuming is what they are used for. I certainly do not have a green thumb with which it would be necessary to wear said wooden shoes.)

31. Learn to garden

32. Have children who love and fear the Lord

33. DONE! Find the hidden Mickey's at Disneyland (it seems strange that I can jump straight from #32 to #33... This is how my brain works I guess)

34. Learn to water ski

36. Overcome my fear of heights and do something spectacular - hang glide, parasail, hot air balloon, sky dive...

37. Rent a ranger station/fire lookout for the weekend

38. Experience the joy of giving flowers to strangers on May day with my own children.

39. Be healthy enough to make a 100x100 when I'm 49.

40. Bike to work on something other than an interstate.

41. Tell my children "No. You can't get a cat. Cat's are dumb. But yes, we'll get another puppy."

42. Have at least enrolled in a doctorate program - if not received the degree

43. Own all the classic Disney cartoons on BluRay (or whichever way we are currently watching TV when I turn 50. Holographic TV? On that note....)

44. Drive a flying car

45. Wear skirts/dresses at least 3 days a week (3 times more than I wear them now)

46. Get my .com back from the people who purchased the rights from underneath my nose. (My name used to be a .com... now it just sells phentermine... Please don't be mistaken, look for me, and think I actually sell drugs online...)

47. Watch my husband be sought after as a public speaker in his areas of expertise.

48. Learn to find the time to delve into DIY projects.

49. Hike to a new location in an exotic land and be struck by God's mercy and the magnitude at which he loves me by seeing the creation around me.

50. Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.