Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peach.... and some dirt (the color of cheeks)

I don't care who you are. If your kids aren't getting dirty than they aren't having any fun. In fact - it's better for your kids to be dirty than it is to be clean. When we were growing up we were always playing outside and getting dirty... (myself probably more than others... Made middle school a rough time for me - but a blog for another day!) The kids who get sick are the ones who always try to stay clean. A little dirt is good for the immune system.

I love my nephews and I am fortunate to live right across the street from them. This one in particular is all "rough and tumble"... He loves life and he lives it to the fullest... If that includes getting messy (or pushing over his big brother) then so be it.

It's so hard to NOT want to take pictures of kiddos like this. His big cheeks and blue eyes get me every time.

He even loves to share... maybe not with his big brother - but after enough times asking - and taking photos - he finally gave in and offered me some of his otter-pop (I respectfully declined)


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