Saturday, July 16, 2011


A familiar site around here. I don’t know if it actually keeps people out (or in) but barbed wire is a hot commodity in Tillicum.

You know what today is? Today is Saturday. No one needs to force me to stay in today. Not only is it Saturday - but it’s raining (go figure)... As I mentioned in a post just a few days ago - I’m ready for some fall weather. This means I get to sleep in (woo!), make breakfast (meh)/probably just coffee... and read a good book next to my husband who is home now from his “adult" adventure of being guest speaker at a youth retreat. Praise the Lord for Saturdays. 

Oh! This Saturday is also the birthday of a good friend/coworker of mine. Happy bday Mrs. Gigantor


  1. That wire would keep me out.
    It is raining here too...I'm still waiting for summer weather! We've only had a handful of summerish days this year. It is Lavender Festival here this weekend so I hope it lets up soon.
    Happy Birthday to Mrs. Gigantor:-)

  2. THANK YOU! :] It's so funny you used that name to wish me a Happy Birthday. Don't worry. You're not missing much today. Unless you want to hang out in the waiting room of an Adeva salon. I need to get my hair did.

  3. Awesome shots - I think rust is so interesting to photograph.


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