Friday, September 23, 2011

Moooooooreeee FAIR!

I apologize if you get tired of seeing fair photos (I don't really)... This is only the second time I've been so far this year and I always take pictures. Me and a friend were headed to the Counting Crows concert - but before it started I asked her to be my guinea pig and walk around with me to take some fair portraits. I always have to remind myself though... While I don't mind sitting on the ground in the middle of the path to get a perfectly adorable shot... My subject might not feel the same way.

We wandered around though lugging the camera, an extra lens (which I didn't use), an external flash (which I didn't use) and my beast of a tripod (which I didn't use)... capping the night off with a fantastic show by the man in dreads.

Doesn't she have a fun personality? It's true... You should check out her blog too
(I never asked her if I could post these... won't that be a "fun" surprise? ;)

PhotoStory FridayGive me your best shot at Better in Bulk

and finally... the less than stellar concert photo from WAY back in the grandstand.


  1. These are so fun - I love the one by the ferris wheel.

  2. IT'S ME! This was a fun surprise. :] AND WOOOOO COUNTING CROWS. What a crazy dude.

  3. Very cute! Who could get tired of fair photos? Love the ferris wheel shot.

  4. Loving the ferris wheel! Thanks for linking up.

  5. Ferris wheel and graffiti one are great times two captures! I like the name of your blog.

  6. Aww, what a fun shoot! The last one is the best composed with the colors and angle, great job!

  7. Love the Fair... did you do it a trot or do it at a gallop, did you do it real slow so your heart didn't palpitate... bet you weren't late... I did the Puyallup too... come by to see a couple long exposures I took... one of this ferris wheel...


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