Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sneak Preview

A good friend of mine asked me if I would take some photos of her little girl. OF COURSE I jumped on the opportunity. I'm still a learning photographer and there is SO much to learn so I like any chance to practice - and boy, I tell ya... the hardest photography I've done so far is with babies. Though it's nearly impossible to make kids this cute look bad, I struggle with making my photos unique and any different than someone else's baby photography but you can really only do what the baby will do...

Also - do you have tips on how to get these kiddos to smile? This is generally an overwhelmingly smiley babe but today she just wasn't too sure about me. She definitely made it clear to me that she was not havin' the camera.

We created quite a scene with the many adult who were hooting and cooing and dancing and shaking maracas (true story).... We managed to squeak a few smiles out of her by the night's end... But if you'd like to share some baby photo taking tricks - I'd be more than happy to hear!

More baby photos to come - but I like mama to see the batch before I make the rest of them public. 


  1. oh, cute! and no, no tips from this mama of 3 on making babies smile. if you hear any great ones let me know! ;)

  2. LOVE the pic that you took from above her... so cute! gonna have to try that one on Bryce.

    I've never tried it... but I read somewhere to put a paper plate with two eyes and a smile on your lens (the lens would almost be like a nose...). The theory was that babies smile at any other face/smile... so then they see a smile instead of a big scary camera?? worth a try?? :)

    thanks for all of your comments on my blog. It's nice to know someone's reading. ;)

  3. I like it. Your 'subject' is adorable!

  4. I can just see everyone hootin' around trying to get her to smile! Funny! She's a cutie! Great job!

  5. you can take some Aaron anytime... :0



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