Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Photo Shoot

Maybe I'll make that a continuous post title for Fridays - if that's the case I'll need a lot more peeps to do some photo shoots with... gotta get some more practice in and that's the best way to do it!

So - because I wanted to take some people photos, I didn't have any people, and the hubs and I don't really have any pictures together (decent ones where we aren't just making crazy faces)... I convinced him to walk down to the park with me and we'd set up our own little photoshoot. I think they turned out pretty good! (Don't you just love all the dead grass?)

with some simple/clean edit (my favorite):

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

I love the one below because we tried and tried to get the Beagle to sit still with us in the photo but she would have none of that. Finally we gave up and when I looked later - There she was! She just stepped into the photo of her own accord. Doing her own thing. Just like a Beagle.
Alright people... now I need some volunteers other than me and my husband.


  1. Awesome! They turned out great :)

  2. what a cute couple you are! :) thanks for being my 200th follower i love even numbers haha. so glad to have found your site and thanks for linking up!

  3. These are really great - and so natural!

  4. Yeah, the one with the beagle is great. They all are really.Did you set up on a tripod? Neither of you has a remote ...

  5. Such great shots. Love them

  6. You are a sweet couple! (And I want to adopt your beagle!)

  7. would love to volunteer the graffs to be name the place, time, date...would be great to get some new pics of our little one...and maybe an updated family pic.... :)

  8. love all these shots! :)
    i would love to volunteer!!!! wish distance wasn't a problem!


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