Monday, October 17, 2011

Sight Restored

Who knew I could have so much fun photographing an old pair of glasses? ... Couldn't decide which scripture & a snapshot I liked best.... so you get two.

My random thought this morning... What would it be like to really follow this man? The one who heals lepers and gives sight to the blind and makes the lame walk again. What would it be like? I mean to REALLY follow him? Not just on a Monday morning so that I have an excuse to post a picture - but really experience the peace/faith/joy/HOPE/energy/desire that would come just from standing in his shadow. What would that be like?

Happy Monday to ya.


  1. Some seriously cool photos -- the first one is my favorite...I like how symmetrical it is (that should tell you something about my Type A nature!).

    As for your question...I think to really, truly follow Jesus would be hugely radical, life-transforming, inside and out.

  2. The one word answer to your question is: heaven. The expanded answer is: ditto Michelle above! I don't think we can truly grasp it. I mean, if the disciples couldn't when they were WITH Him... I just keep praying, "Lord, increase my faith!"

  3. Impressive photos. Important exhortations.

    Beautifully done.

  4. I love these shots! And I also ditto what Michelle changing!

  5. Hey! When did you sneak into my house to photograph my glasses? ;)

    The answer? MIND-BLOWING

    Visiting from Graceful...

  6. Such great pictures... Love that He has opened our eyes to Him.


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