Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty in Pink

SO GIRLY. This post is like the epitome of girly. 
I had the distinct pleasure to photograph this couple shortly before they were married just a few years ago... 

Just over a month ago they met this sweet little addition face to face and their family became three. They had us over for dinner last night (delicious!) and we did a little mini photo shoot of this amazingly sweet (and photo session tolerable) little girl. This picture exudes just how girly this little one is going to be. I warned mom as I was taking these photos, "I hope you like pink cause there is no doubt these photos are turning out 'pretty in pink'." Girly is not so bad though when you get to look at this sweet face. Hanging out with this family last night you could definitely see how IN LOVE these parents are. Just in the way they hold and stare at the perfect combination of the two of them.

More to come in next week's Friday Photo Shoot... Stay tuned this Friday for a sweet little boy I had the opportunity to photograph over the weekend.


  1. She is so cute! Great capture.

  2. How absolutely precious! I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Thanks Cristina!

  3. She is perfection. Congratulations on their delicious bundle of pink. I hope they find parenting to be blissful : )

  4. Picture of perfection!

  5. Lovely photos. The color, expression and light in her eyes in the second photo is stunning! Thank you for sharing. I have a link up for altered tone photos (sepia, black and white, etc) that I would love if you joined!

  6. What a lovely little girl and a wonderful photo! Love it!


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