Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Photo Shoot - Rodriguez Family

I had the recent opportunity to tackle a photo shoot that consisted of three families, little kiddos, brothers, nephews, uncles.... And one sister/mom/aunt... Haha - This was a large family but what a fun day! The beautiful woman you see below is surrounded by boys in her life as she's the lone girl - but she has so much joy in that big smile as does the rest of the family.
I hope you enjoy just a few of many, many, shots taken that DRY (thankfully) November day.

(Below: Siblings)

(Below: Mom and dad with their two boys)

(Below: Brother and sister)

(Below: Dad and his two men)

 (Below: Cousins!)

 (Below: Uncle & Nephew!)

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  1. i love the one with the boys running away from the adults. so cute! thanks for linking up

  2. wow great job on this session! I really love the shot of the boys running away too!

  3. Love these! Are you feeling better? Whatever it is I think it's starting to come my way! Blech!

  4. These are awesome treasures! I can tell that y'all have some major fun during this session!

  5. lovely shots Christina. You take great people shots.
    Just an idea - maybe you can share a few tips to keep in mind while taking portraits? I'd love to know. My images are mostly nature shots and I would love to branch out into something new and exciting! :)


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