Saturday, January 7, 2012

Instagram!/Project 365

I've followed a recent trend and have decided now would be a good time to start my own project 365 - well... I guess it's project 366 since it's a leap year this year? Anyhow - through my instagram feed I'll join this little project and take a picture a day for 365 366 days. Then I'll compile them and join in once a week with a little look at what my life has looked like in the past week or so. Should be a fun project! And not too challenging as it seems like I take way more than one photo per day anyhow... But I'll try to whittle it down to just one a day. ;)

Anyhow, Happy Saturday to you. Hope you're enjoying it with a hot cup of coffee and 3-5 loads of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, taking out the trash walking the dog... or maybe just the coffee...

Naptime Momtog


  1. Great collage!
    Good luck with your 366.
    I'm on my second year of 365...well this year is 366.
    I'm joining your followers.

  2. Love this shot! Why don't you come enter it in my Weekly Top Shot meme? We're on Week #12 and I'd love to see you share with me! Here's this weeks' link:

  3. I did a 365 once and it was hard! I don't think I'll ever do one officially again, but if I were going to do it again I think instagram would definitely be the way to go.


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