Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My obsession for always having a camera on my person is borderline ridiculous. So when the power went out (by the way it went out AGAIN last night... thankfully only for about 30 seconds) last week and I found that the battery in my D90 was dead I was bummed. SO much to take pictures of and no camera to do it with... Alas, I resorted to the iphone camera (which is still great)... then the battery died - nowhere to charge it. Out of luck... Then! I remembered my trusty old camera. The one that got me through MANY years before saving up for the D90... I rummaged through my (trunkful) of camera gear and equipment and found my D50. Fully charged and ready to go. (why they don't make the batteries the same size is beyond me...) I'd almost forgotten how to use it but it was fun getting to shoot with it again.

Shots from off the garage deck. Power lines fully encased in ice.

 And the trees! Poor guys... hope they bounce back quickly...

and then, she {snapped}


  1. That is loads of ice! How fun that you had back up equipment!

  2. I know what you mean about not having a camera. I don't even want to bother doing anything unless I am able to capture at least some of it. So glad that you found your old camera! Those power lines looks so cool with ice all over them! And the view from your deck is gorgeous!

  3. It hasn't gotten nearly that cold here yet, which is very surprising and unusual!

  4. I really dislike being without my camera, too, and I love 'iphone-ography', but these sure came out great, Christina! Can't believe how much ice you had. Things looked like that around here, winter before last, and we lost one of the big beautiful trees in our front yard. This year we've had practically nothing! It's been a strange season, to say the least! Unfortunately, I'm a lover the cold, ice, snow .. etc., and I so hope we have something before the spring thaw arrives ... at this rate it won't have much thawing to do!

  5. Wow! These are so beautiful even if you didn't have your DSLR.


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