Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project 366

All photos taken via instagram! Follow if you’d like! @chrisklas

Sunday: January15th
Well... this photo was obviously taken before the game started... we all know how that turned out. Let’s not dwell on it and move right along.

Monday: January 16th
Remember when you were a kid? You heard it was gonna snow and you were so excited you couldn’t sleep?? The thought of a snow day and missing school was almost better than Christmas?? Monday was no different. We stayed up late and crossed our fingers... When it snows in Washington just about everything shuts down.. We got just what we wished for.

Tuesday: January 17th
Fresh powder. In fact, more snow than I think I’ve EVER seen in my own yard... Since we rarely get this kind of snow - we played like we were kids...

Wednesday: January 18th
Going on my second day off “working from home”... ice has settled in after all of our snow and icicles are in their first stages of formation! Would then turn into some pretty awesome ice-pics I’ll post sometime next week.
Happily Mother After

Thursday: January 19th
Following our “snow-maggedon 2012” we experience an “ice-pocalypse 2012” for the next few days. Our power went out and since we have no wood burning fire-place we went next door to my sister’s house in order to stay warm. We lit candles. Played cards. Met other freezing neighbors who needed a warm refuge. And had a camp-out in the living room...

Friday January 20th.
While we my brother in law successfully prepared us dinner on the propane camp stove (outside!! we aren’t one of those families that decides to bbq indoors during a power outage)... we’d had enough of staying in the dark home and foraging for our food... So we headed into town (with the rest of the city apparently) and had a warm meal. a warm seat. warm coffee. A long wait. But worth it all the same.

Saturday (today) January 21st.
Digging in God’s word... Maybe someday I’ll write a long post about what I read this morning. I was completely blown away by the way a passage in Numbers (of all books) could have had such poignancy for what I am going through today - And answers!! Who doesn’t want answers?? God said - “Hey Christina... this is how I help Moses through the exact same situation!"

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  1. gorgeous shots!

    i love the retro effect in some of them.
    you both look great in the first photo.

    hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. Awwww! Y'all look so cute together in the first photo! AND I LOVE YOUR SNOWMAN! What a hoot! Y'all did a fabulous job with it and even turned it into a cheeky PSA. LOL! - Yes, you will have to tell us about your message from Numbers. I am very curious and wracking my brain to try to figure out what it could be! I love learning about other people's inspirational answers from God.

  3. Great shots. Looks like a great week. I love the snowman and the icicles.

  4. Awesome captures! I love your Monday photo and the icecicles (or however the heck it is spelled!LOL!). We are praying for snow here in NC soon. We haven't had any this year. I don't like cold weather unless it snows so.....blah! :) I would love to build a snowman. I hope you are all warm and toasty this week!

  5. Love that snowman. I would get so excited for snow..all we got was slushy mess.

  6. such a beautiful set! and the shot of coffee... oh what would I give up to have a sip! lol

  7. Those icicles are amazing and your snow man is so great!
    Tamar (also linking to Project 366)

  8. Love the snow and ice shots! So encouraging to hear God speak to you from Numbers!

  9. I see you're also a pathological picture taker like myself! Loved you post and pics! I found you through my bestie Lauren's blog! (Happily Mother After) Don't forget to post about your Numbers awakening!

  10. What a great ice shot! And I love the snowman. Haha!

  11. Thank you so much for linking up with me!


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