Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Snow Days

I had a post all typed up... My router stinks and disconnected me from the internet causing me to lose what I had... that’s what I get for not saving, or starting in word or doing any of those “precautionary” things... Anyway it was mostly just - too bad, more snow pics (even more tomorrow... who knows, maybe the next day too). You’re crazy if you don’t appreciate the snow. Have to soak it up while it lasts (one or two days...), God bless snow days even as an adult and so on and so forth.

Taken Wednesday at Bill’s Boathouse, Tillicum.

Above: Edges of a snowy Silcox Island.

Above: Silcox Island in the distance
 The above used to be my grandmother’s Christmas tree... once upon a time.
Above: the view of Tillicum from the end of the dock.


  1. Well, I do appreciate the snow ... in your pictures, and I'm sorry that I don't get that opportunity here on the gulf coast of TX! But I am thankful that I don't have to drive in it or shovel it anymore! ; )

  2. wow, your photos are really stunning!

    they have a vintage feel to them that i adore!

    very nicely done:)

  3. Great photos! I love that first one (two?)!

  4. Such beautiful scenes! These are gorgeous photos! I do love snow days, but they are just so so rare where I'm from.

  5. Beautiful photos, and interesting processing. Looks like old film photos. Nice work!

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