Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration (or lack thereof)

Went into the archives for today's post... but I've been longing for these summer evenings...

and then, she {snapped}


So... I did a pretty good job making this a "Wordless Wednesday" post but then decided in the end I needed to come back and add more. My title is absolutely true of my life right now. I am confident that I'm a "blip on the radar screen" and need to live for eternity more than the now... But I'm torn lately because I so desperately want things in my life to clear up NOW. Life is good. But I am tired. I read this post and was reminded of how tired I am of my current routine. I'm so busy "yelling" at the kids at school (work) and sending them to put their head down that I have no time to care about them, or sit down with them and find out about their lives... What makes them  little brats  act the way they do...

You know what Kent and Alan told me this morning? (local radio for those who don't catch the reference)... 
They told me my "horoscope" (don't actually believe those, but it's fun to compare to see how close they are to reality) said I should
"Do what I love and the money will follow"...

Everyday I come to work and I click on a few links I have up in my tool bar.

Local counseling agencies.

No part time jobs posted. (part time's all I can accept right now)

I'm a Masters Level Graduate and no one takes me seriously

blah blah blah

I'm just ready to do what I thought I was supposed to do... What I thought God gave me a gifting in.

...or did I just THINK that's where God wanted me?

Let's not even get started with photography... now THAT is something I love to do. And I'm trying to do it. but the money's not following...


  1. These is beautiful!! Love the tone. Happy Wednesday!

    Watery Wednesday

  2. These are beautiful. I am ready for summer too even though it hasn't been that cold. I just want longer days.

  3. I understand about your frustrations. You feel like you are at a holding point, like you are stuck on pause when you want to be moving forward in your life. I've felt that way too. In fact, I feel that way now. I thought that I knew what direction God wanted me to go, but I'm stuck at a yellow light. No signs of STOP and no signs of GO. I think this is our time to marinate. It is kind of boring, but necessary for us to learn whatever is it that God is teaching us. For me, it has been humbling. I have been on the point of desperation many times and then God comes through for me. There is no way that I can claim to have done anything in my own power and I HAVE to give Him the glory. It has been during this time that I have begun to feel utterly dependent on Him. He has never let me down, so I don't know why I still struggle with trusting Him. That might be the lesson that I am supposed to be learning - to trust Him.


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