Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Corny Jokes

A rope walks into a bar (just go with it)
He sits down and says "Hey Bartender! Can I get a drink!"
The bartender looks down at the rope and says "Hey you get outta here! We don't serve ropes in this bar!"
So the rope steps outside & tries to think of ways he can get the bartender to serve him.
He quietly sneaks back in and pulls up a stool beside a large man at the end of the bar.
Calling out in a deep voice he says "Bartender... How 'bout a drink?"
The bartender begins pouring and just as he's about to slide it to the large man at the end of the bar he sees the rope and says "Hey! I see you down there! Get outta my bar!" And he tosses the rope to the curb.
The rope stands himself up, brushes himself off and then suddenly - he gets an idea.
He starts pulling on some of his strings - wrapping himself up in a ball - making himself look disheveled.
He swings open the bar door. Walks right in and sits down at the bar right in front of the bartender.
"How 'bout a drink?" says the rope.
"Heeeeyyy.... don't I know you?" says the bartender. "You look familiar. Are you that rope I've been kicking out?"

With a sly smile on his face the rope calmly responds, "Nope. I'm afraid not (a frayed knot)."



  1. Haha - good one! :-D

    Really love these close ups! :-) Oh, and I´m your newest Follower! :-)

  2. I love it! That is the first joke I actually GOT as a kid :)
    Also, your rope photos are awesome!

  3. loll i have never heard that one before, it is corny but still funny

  4. Love your close up images. Great texture!


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