Friday, March 2, 2012

Finding Order

You know how you get to that point when you find things are just piling up? (both literally and figuratively) .... The laundry's been neglected, the dishes, and at work - things have gone undone because they've always been at the bottom of the checklist - and now all of this sudden it feels like everything needs to get done at the same time and I am having difficulty sorting our the priorities...

That's me right now. (For once) this is not a complaining post because, for the most part, I am grateful for those things that I have to do - they are all good - it's just SO much! I've picked up a 1/4 time job (on top of the one I've already got) and I couldn't be MORE thrilled for these few extra hours of work (a longer post for another day)... but - it's definitely adding to my work load and I'm feeling the stress of it...

Ants. If you look closely. These photos were taken "pre-macro lens"...


  1. Love the texture in these photos. Great shots!

  2. LOVE the texture and DOF. Very cool.

    Thanks so much for linking to Photo Story Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot this week!

  3. OH MY GOSH! I thought that was the "pile" of brown carpet to go with your theme of things "piling" up. I DID NOT guess those were ants! Ick!

  4. I've been there too many times! Sometimes just knocking out one thing (like the laundry or the dishes) in an afternoon makes me feel so much better about life. At least something has to be under control, right? :)

  5. Amazing shots! And I can totally relate to things piling up. UGH!


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