Thursday, March 15, 2012

The secret to marriage...

... I haven't found... but one thing I know has been good for us. Days away. We don't have any kids but we've got jobs and a home that is good to escape. Get away for the day and do the things you love. Be in the place that makes you feel most at home...


We recently headed north for the Seattle Bike Expo. And a day together in Seattle is never complete without a trip to TopPot & Zeeks pizza.

Where do you go to get away?

All photos taken via instagram, @chrisklas or online!


  1. love the shots! it's always good to get away!!

  2. I love get away's - too long since our last one! Lovely pics! :-)

  3. Creative and interesting posting!

  4. Well, since our kids are teenagers now (and like to sleep) my husband and I will often get up early to go watch the sunrise on the beach - it feels like we were on vacation if only for a few hours! Love your get away pics, fun!

  5. I go into the countryside - wild and free!

  6. Oh.. love all those places and miss them as we are the east side of the mountains now. Great pictures! I love what you did with the Space Needle!


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