Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let the Memories Begin

Some of my favorites from our trip (off the "real" camera)
Have you ever eaten at the Blue Bayou? I've always wanted to. You get on the Pirates of the Caribbean and just at the beginning of the ride you float by the Blue Bayou while people are enjoying their gumbo and mint julep. I finally got the chance to eat here when, on Friday night, we were completely exhausted and soaked to the bone. It had been raining all day (most rain they said they'd had all year! Lucky us). And, frankly, we just wanted somewhere warm to sit (I'm certain that's how Disneyland gets ya... $$). It's not something we will probably ever do again because the price probably won't be right a second time - but boooy was it worth it the first time around! The food was to die for! Best steak I've ever had! We were so distracted by the good food and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" onlookers that this is the only real photo I remembered to capture.
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  1. It looks wonderful - hope I can go there with my family one day! :-)

  2. like a fairy tale!
    simply gorgeous!

  3. Wow...what gorgeous shots!!! Love it♥

  4. your pictures are wonderful!


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