Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yowza... it's been a while... I assure you I've not been lazy. I have been behind the camera more often than not - just haven't been posting.... Now to catch up on Proj366... didn't realize it's been three weeks!! So.... that makes about 21 pics in this post? Yikes. It's gonna be a long one.

March 11th. Sunday. Wow. I forgot about this. Looking back on the pics for the past three weeks... we had SNOW? That's just ridiculous.
March 12th. Monday. Easter Season = Candy. While I like "eastery" photo. The candy was gross. But I've never really been a fan of jelly beans.
March 13th. Tuesday. The weather report for Lakewood still hasn't changed (3 weeks later)... Anaheim's just getting better. Heading there soon!
March 14th. Wednesday. Got a new book in the mail. Still trying to trudge my way through it. Not the easiest read in the world. But so helpful at work.
March 15th. Thursday. Just so you know. Cookie season has come and gone. And it was a good one this year. These are my favorite. We won't talk about how many I consumed all on my own...
March 16th. Friday. "Play Day"... A friend invited us to a play at our local playhouse - "The Farnsworth Invention"...
March 17th. Saturday. "Play Day" also consisted of dinner at CARRS restaurant... = delicious leftovers for the next morning.... Coconut shrimp skewers and garlic mashed potatoes. 
March 18th. Sunday. My four favorite words - "All You Can Eat"... We met up at an all you can eat Korean BBQ for a little hanging out and a little planning/dreaming/"envisioning" for our youth group.
March 19. Monday. We went down to my mom's to celebrate our friend's birthday... Nephew got into the chocolate a little early.
March 20th. Monday. Over the weekend took a sweet little one-year-old's photos... this is what happened when the hubs helped me edit.
March 21st. Wednesday. The weather broke. The sun came out. My shoes came off.
March 22nd. Thursday. Reading night at the elementary school I work at... we conned a friend of ours (and co-worker) into being "Tilly the Tiger"... He was definitely overheating in there.
March 23rd. Friday. These little pens are all the rage at work. They get us through the more "stressful" times.
March 24th. Saturday. Spent the better part of the day doing an engagement shoot - and saw these little "deers" along the way...
March 25th. Sunday. We had a near perfect weekend. This is the weather that greeted me for another photo session in the morning.
March 26th. Monday. Our Daily Bread. It was a good one today.
March 27th. Tuesday. We get these sun breaks every once in a while so I try to capture them when they come. I wish they weren't so brief.
March 28th. Wednesday. Where are our Disneyland Tickets??? We leave in less than a week?!
March 29th. Thursday. After a long.... long... long... day. Sitting at home with the hubs. Watching... I don't even know what cause I'm pretty sure I fell asleep right after this picture...
March 30th. Friday. After a long long week and a couple 14hour work days. A friend and I took some time for a little pampering...
March 31st. Saturday. Right where I want to be.

All photos taken via instagram, @chrisklas or online!


  1. Haha - that pic your hubby edited cracked me up! :-D

    (I love jelly beans - the last time I was in the States I bought tons and hardly shared at all when I came home... But then I´m a serious sweet tooth..!)

  2. I had all these thoughts and questions along the way, but I lost them all when I got to the yellow chevron pillows! Are they from Joss and Main? I think I saw them there but they were sold out.

    Anyway, I am SO behind on blogging too! 15 days so not as far behind as you! Glad to see you back girl. Blessings!

    1. Hello! They are not from Joss and Main... In fact I've never been to a Joss and Main! :) I found them off an etsy shop for a super reasonable price! Couldn't go wrong. :)

  3. great shots!! they made me smile ;)

  4. Lots of awesome shots!!! Looks like you have been busy. Now I am hungry!!

  5. Great to see your feet in snow and then again just over a week later bare in the grass--cool. Love both shots and the one of the mail box waiting for Disney tickets is fabulous too. I love your mailbox--its's got chracter.


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