Friday, May 18, 2012

Take Two.

The beauty of just being a photographer who is trying to build a portfolio... for those paying for photos, if they (or I) am not satisfied, we can “take two” for no additional charge - plus I get more experience! It’s a win-win! :) In this particular case - I just wasn’t satisfied with the way I had exposed some of the photos so I offered a redo - I’m so glad they decided to accept!


 “Stop..... Please! No more photos!"


  1. You caught some lovely photos here, well done.

  2. These are great! Love the baby flying through the air shot and the one of the little guy in front of the tire. :)

  3. wow...great pictures!! makes me wish I had taken pictures!!

  4. What a cute little guy! Love the photos by the tire - so "BOY"! :)


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