Friday, July 27, 2012

Bidding Adieu

We'll miss Ichiro. And this will be the one AND ONLY time I will root for the Yankees to win ANYTHING. I feel a little better rooting for them now that A.Rod's out.
(not that I am happy he's injured. just happy he's not playing. for the record) 
Anyhow. The hubs and I try and make it to one M's game a month and when we found out Ichiro was leaving us - we figured this would be the best time to hit up a July game. And it was worth every penny. What a rowdy crowd! Makes for some good baseball. And a win over the Bronx Bombers to top it off!

How our trip started. With four lanes of closed traffic due to the recent landing of Air Force One. In stand-still traffic long enough for the hubs to snap a photo.
I guess the only real bummer was buying tickets for left field (Ichiro's new spot with the Yankees) only to find out he was gonna end his time back in right field. He was so far away!
Oh. That AND my grey hair...
 What a goof.
Oh. and the "Yankees Suck"... just FYI.

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  1. Awesome pics (and I do love the grey)! I hope to experience such an event in real life, it seems so fun to sit in that kind of crowd! :-)


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