Monday, September 10, 2012

A favorite past-time....

is checking things off my list!

I was reading through my "50 x 50" on the left hand side of this blog and realized - I have got something to check off!

On our last trip to Disneyland we scored some killer deal where we got a couple days in the park for free. So, by the end of the trip - we had a chance to sit in Walt's bench seat on Main Street where he would sit and watch the action and we just pretended like we'd gone back in time.

We also pointed and laughed at those who clearly were only in the park for a day. [there's no time to sit and point when you're only there for one day]

Now that we've experienced the "relaxed" part of a Disneyland trip - I'm not sure how we are ever going to go back to one or two days. There's just too much to do!!

All that to say - we picked up a "Hidden Mickey" book while we were in the park and it brought a whole new meaning to all the rides - it gave us something to do in line and revealed fun little hidden secrets about the park. My personal favorite find came inside the Peter Pan ride.

But - if you've never seen Eeyore in line for Indiana Jones... well then you have been missing out. ;)

33. Find the hidden Mickey's at Disneyland

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  1. Sounds great, my rascals would love to go there! :-)


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