Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kaitlyn | Senior Photography

We watched the weather all week - listened to the weather man tell us it was going to be pouring down rain - but we decided to go for it anyway. "We might get lucky"... I told Kaitlyn to bring her favorite rain boots and a cute umbrella [just in case].

And look at the weather we got!! Washington kills me. You really have NO idea what to expect until you get out there.

So glad the rains held off and we were able to capture the beauty of this graduating senior! Congrats Kaitlyn!

 She was such a trooper - it was FREEZING on our photoshoot morning - but we were gonna make the pictures happen! Even if it meant huddling in a blanket between shots. ;)
[isn't she adorable??]
And what a fun personality! She came with the idea of wanting soccer photos done in her pink sparkly prom dress - who could resist! Made for such fun photo opportunity!

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  1. I love these pix.... whose girl is that!


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