Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creative Outlets...

I like to think I'm still fairly young... In the 'short' time I've been alive I feel like I've accomplished a lot - but only in one aspect of life: Education. I'm a learner. I'd be in school forever if I could afford it. (I understand that makes me a rare bird - I'm ok with that)... I just finished my graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy but really that has little meaning at this point. Anyway, all that to say I need a creative outlet again.

For anyone who knows ~ I used to do a daily photo blog of my little unique town... that is until I forgot to renew my website's subscription... now I'm selling prescriptions. Not joking. Apparently I want the world to be skinny via diet pills: check it out: but then come back to the blog. ;)

So, in an effort to get out... an effort to think with the right side of my brain for a while... I'll renew this (Almost) Daily Photo starting April 1st... which brings on the pressure of something foolish. We'll see what I can come up with. 

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