Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Water ahead....

I've got nothing to show you but water. The weather gods (don't actually believe that) are laughing at me as the sun ONLY comes out while I'm sitting at my desk at work. The morning hours and the afternoon hours are wet. The pictures are wet. There's nothing but water.

That being said, I truly enjoyed the process of taking the picture above. It was another cold day and I had nothing which to post... On my way home from a rainy evening at the park with the puppy, this discarded traffic cone was at the intersection of the highway and the entrance to Tillicum. Just out of range so I couldn't pull my car over and take the picture while seated in the comfort of my dry, parked vehicle. 
I drove through the intersection making no less than 4 u-turns and waited patiently with hazards flashing until I was the only one at the red light - allowing for time to snap a photo. As soon as I had the camera situated and ready to shoot - someone pulled up behind me and the light turned green. 
Bah - have to start over.

Needless to say - I eventually got the picture with a couple more timely illegal turns. 

This all makes me sound crazy.

I'm not really ready to go full-blown insane (haha... not sure that decision is mine to make)... So, I don't use my bulky Nikon when I don't want to be noticed. As if my point and shoot really disguised the absurdity of the situation...


  1. Should have been here today, rain and hail and just to get your hopes up, a little sunshine in the mix :) Was working on my tan after the hail storm which sent everyone in the yard running for cover. Great shot!!

  2. Oh the things we do for the perfect shot. Nice reflection!

  3. I wish i were as brave as you, haha. I see great shots all the time, but am too scared to look like the crazy lady pulling U-Turns to snap shots of what others can't see. Kudos for bravery, Crazy Lady!!! Ha, ha J/K


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