Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the road again

It's been raining (surprise, surprise). This whole "April showers brings May flowers" thing can kinda get on your nerves after a while. However, when my boss gave me permission to come into work a little later and when the forecast called for dry (super cold, but dry) weather I thought "What the heck... let's ride!"

Hopped on my bike this morning to make the 3-4 mile ride into work... down the highway a little ways and through the non-bike-friendly streets and into work some 20-30 minutes later.

I cried tears of joy to finally be on the bike again! .... Er.... scratch that...
There were tears - but not of joy... It was more like - 

"What the heck... IT'S FREEZING." The wind (and rain drizzle) definitely caused my eyes to water and made me wonder...
Who gets paid to work for the Weather Channel?

On another note - My husband and I generally attend Bumbershoot every year for our anniversary 
(although not in 2011). 
Last year I purchased an art print from Flatstock that I adore - a bike screenprint.... For the life of me I cannot find the creator of it, but I hope I do so I can purchase more of his work.

Others I have fallen in love with are located among my links at the bottom of this page. A sample of something I will own someday...

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