Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playing in puddles

Apparently I never listened when my mom taught me not to stand in the rain "You'll catch a death of cold!"

Yesterday I went to take the dog for a walk/search for pictures during a break of sunlight that we had. By the time I'd made it .25 miles to the park - it was drizzling. I continued taking pictures of this and that and before I knew it I was getting soaked! I ran to the "skate park" and took shelter under one of the ramps. It's a good thing no one was out there with me because I must have looked like a joke (a theme I find occurring often on this blog)... I couldn't just sit there and wait for the rain so I took pictures of the only thing I could see... rain drops.

(following taken on the basketball court)

And of course... it never fails. Shortly after arriving home and peeling myself out of my soaked clothes into some sweats... I saw this.

The Washington weather is as fickle as a middle school relationship and it drives me crazy. It's no wonder I'm sick today... the lessons you learn as a child really DO matter as an adult.


  1. Love your photos, especially that magical second one! Thanks so much for visiting Menton DP. Jx

  2. We have had lots of bawdy raindrops here too. They come with thunder and lightening. Lots of rain. I would call drops like these, though pretty and cleverly captured, a leak.

  3. Conditioning, that is the key! I worked out in the rain all day yesterday and I feel fine :)
    Great Shots!!

  4. Those are wonderful. I don't think I would have the patience to attempt shots like this.

  5. Nice job! I love the colors that are captured with those drops too.

  6. I'm sorry you're sick, but so glad you got those raindrop pictures. They are really, really cool.

    You got Boundary Bay right-- now you have to come on up sometime so I can buy you a beer!

  7. What great raindrop pictures! I hope you are feeling better.

  8. Nothing else to say, Christina... You're the best one to catch bubbles and drops on the rainy tar. You create some curious and bewitching (is it correct to write "bewitching" ?...) atmospheres with a simple camera clic'. Just as the great painters do. I think that you art lays between different universes, and I appreciate these multiple directions. Moving and dreaming around people, nature and buildings. Mid-urban. Mid-country. But full of energy and really, I repeat really unique.
    ('Xcuse me for the shaky writing but I've learnt english at school 35 years ago, so...)
    Thank you for the visit Chezmax !
    Max from the Other Side of Our Crazy Blue Ball.


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