Friday, April 29, 2011

Momentous Occasion

Today is a big deal around the world... the royal wedding for one... which apparently has swept our nation as well. Friends of ours stayed up into the wee hours to watch the footage live on TV - eating tea and crumpets. I like weddings just like the next sappy female but I caught the same footage this morning after a good night's rest. :)

The other big deal? One whole month of posts! haha... equally on the same level as the first.... right? Anyhow. I'm much more committed this time around so I hope the small town of Tillicum can continue giving me the inspiration to be a 'pathological photographer' (many citizens of Tillicum are pathological - at least my pathology is constructive ;) ....sort of. (by the way... over 1,200 visits?? Thanks guys!)

Anyhow. Last night was "Math Night" at Tillicum Elementary. This school is the hub of the community and last night the halls were NOT empty. The building was bursting at the seems with students and their families wandering the halls and playing various math games for prizes.

Candy is an amazing thing. It makes anything worth doing.

and... fortunately for me, I got to be in charge of the 'prize' (candy) table.


  1. Firstly, that you for being such a strong visitor to my blog during my month long stay in Paris. I appreciate your comments.

    Second, the wedding got absolutley saturation coverage here in Australia, where the main political push seems to be against the public wasting of money. Go figure!

    Thirdly, those school halls do 'appear' to be deserted, but I take your word for it that all and sundry were snuggling around for clues and solutions. Maths was never my strong suit, but I put together a mean sentence or two!!

    Cheers from Down Under!

  2. Thank YOU Julie! :) And thank you for mentioning the halls - I should have mentioned - this hallway photo was NOT taken during the event. :)

  3. Love the reflections and the light at the end of the hall.


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