Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Have you ever had a fond memory that perhaps you elaborated on more through the re-telling than the actual event? For me that memory is May Day.

Maybe we only did this once - I'm not sure - but it felt like an annual tradition. May would come around and we'd be tired of the rain. We'd roll paper up into a cone shape and use it as a vase - ring people's door-bells and leave flowers on their door knob or front step. (Have you done this too?)

I loved doing this with my mom. Perhaps my other siblings were in school and it was just me and my mom - maybe the whole world was there with us - but I just remember being so excited to create this and leave little blooms of joy for our Tillicum neighbors.

I promise this: when I have children this will be an annual tradition. (now my #38 on my 50x50)

Happy May Day - May you have felt the joy of the sunshine on your face today!

Photo courtesy of a day trip with family to Seattle, our big city neighbor, on this sunny May afternoon.


  1. Spring and summer photos are where it's at. All the color and life around us...this is a great example of that all rolled into a single photo.

  2. What a nice tradition. And this photo is so beautiful and vibrant. Is this at pike place market?

  3. Yup! We love Pike's Place although we should have known better yesterday. A weekend and 65 degrees makes for extremely PACKED markets. We enjoyed our walk nonetheless. :)


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