Monday, April 18, 2011

Wasting Time Together... not wasted time.

There is nothing on this earth like a Grandparent. They hold a special place in your heart - as you hold in theirs. I was talking with a couple friends a few weeks back - all of which were at least three years older than me - they all mentioned they still have a grandparent alive... I am not so fortunate. I was, however, blessed to have the greatest grandparents for the time that I had them. My grandparents passed away around the time I was in high school. But I have pictures similar to those below...

Wasting time spent at Bill's Boathouse - learning to fish, grandpa repairing MANY broken fishing poles, feasting on MANY free candy bars and laying on the floor watching my grandma draw with permanent marker a picture I'd later fill in with crayon. None of this was a waste.

Pictured here: My nephew and his grandfather... an incredible pair!


  1. Wonderful photos! They look like best friends.

  2. Oh Christna! I love that picture! I can hardly WAIT for Bebo Billingsley to arrive! I want to have that amazing relationship with my grandchild as well! Love your story too!
    Mrs. B.

  3. Love it!!! I never had a Grandpa but I did have a grandmother who lived to be 94 and now my Mother is 95 what does that mean I'll be????? MB

  4. I always wished I had more of the Grandparent experience. Mine died when I was pretty young and I wasn't close to most of them.
    My husband still has one set of Grandparents left and I get to enjoy them through him, but we don't live close to them.
    Sometimes when I'm out and about I'll meet older people or see them and wish I had a Grandparent like them.


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