Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do I doubt?

Have you ever continued the rain and failed to bring the sun? In your timing you know that the rain makes me rejoice in the sunshine all the more. Without the rain I would seldom know the glory of the sun. You have never let me down and you always supply exactly what is needed at exactly the right time. My feeble brain demands that you respond to what I want, when I want it - not comprehending that there is a greater plan. Standing in the light and warmth of the sun helps me to remember - you never fail.


  1. Excellent post and your photos are amazing. Don't you just love blue skies?

  2. Oh, Christina, you are so much more forgiving than I am. But you're absolutely right, our patience (or impatience, as the case may be!) is always rewarded with that glowing ball, the most beautiful sight in the world!

    ...I could use a few higher degrees, though.

    If you're going to check out the tulips, best do it by the end of the month! They go so fast. Two years in a row I drove down only to find freshly turned dirt fields waiting for me.


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