Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr. Postman

Yesterday was the Mail Carrier Canned Food Drive. We participated in this by emptying out our cupboards of the cans of food we'll never eat (and then I thought... is this the point? Giving away food that we wouldn't eat and hoping someone else will want our "leftovers"?) 

But out on our walk we noticed that others in Tillicum were also participating in giving away their food. The reason I thought this was post-worthy is because generally Tillicum-ites are the benefits of social services... not the ones providing for others. And yet, here were citizens saying - "I want to help someone who maybe has been where I've been."

I like that... I think that's always worth a post.

I do have to make a slight correction however... Our mailbox was NOT left empty at the end of the day. Meaning: We put our bag of "leftovers" inside our mailbox & it was missed by the postman. Whoops. Hopefully it can still go to someone on Monday.


  1. I love these photos, Christina! & I love the post. Kind of humbles you...

  2. Always looking out for great photos! Keep up the fantastic work~!

  3. Nice...You are always so insightful...Thanks Christina!


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