Monday, May 16, 2011

Wild Thing

Let me preface this by saying Pit Bulls CAN be a very sweet breed. In fact - the photo below is my own puppy's Pit Bull Crush.

So - when it comes to letting Beesly (my beagle) play with Pit Bulls I'm not usually that concerned. However, when the Pit Bull is a stranger it's another story. Yesterday while in the park Beesly spotted another dog from a long way off. Thankfully she was still on her leash because this mystery dog came lumbering over to give Beesly a good sniff.

This was a "wild" Pit. In Tillicum. No Tags. A bad combo. Beesly and I tried to walk ourselves out of there as soon as possible as this muscly canine sauntered behind us for a long while. I'm just grateful nothing happened. Generally I'm known for getting myself into some weird situations for a picture. But not this time. I didn't want to pause for a second.

I did however, capture another "wild thing" at the park - inside the car of all places.... Another thing from which I quickly retreated.

In order to give them privacy I snapped the photo as I was walking away with my camera slung over my back. (privacy is ironic... I understand that)

Last but not least - an update from yesterday. I guess I wasn't the only mailbox that was missed during the mail carrier canned food drive. AND I guess humans aren't the only beneficiaries of this act of kindness.


  1. Wow in broad daylight?? That couple is brave... hahaah

  2. Oooo! My baby. I love him so.

  3. Wow. A beautiful photo of the dog. Still the walkabout sounded like a scare to me.

  4. Oh, that is one sweet doggy face! I know lots of pit mixes, and they're all so friendly. I love the last shot, too! Now there's a very happy, MSG-enhanced squirrel or crow hopping around.


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