Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pity Party

So the other day I was feeling the need for a pity party and was just generally upset with all that (I thought) was wrong with the myself and the world around me... I needed to get out. I grabbed the dog and my trusty nikon - and I went for a walk. There were people everywhere but it wasn’t one of those days where I was feeling strong & confident enough to approach anyone for a photo so I just retreated into my own world where it was just me and the camera (and the dog who wouldn’t let me stand still).

I decided that these are the markings of a photographer. No - I don’t get paid & No - I don’t have any training (other than one b&w class in college), but the moment my eye locked into the viewfinder I forgot the fact that I went on this walk because I was upset. It was just me and my settings and nothing else really mattered.

Maybe (therapist coming out here) it was the fact that I was using something to distract - something that required specific focus (no camera related pun intended)... using the parts of my brain that were directly opposite those that caused me to be angry and frustrated... Art is a beautiful thing. It serves so many purposes.

 The photo below was taken for those blog followers who share my obsession with the comedy of Tina Fey and the TV show 30 Rock... (because laughter is also the best medicine)
Along those lines... I’m pretty sure THIS BOOK is a necessity in my life right now.

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  1. dude. i should direct aaron to your blog today. he's an HUGE 30 rock fan. i've watched most of it with him [because it is hilarious] but i--shamefully--have no idea what that bottom photo is supposed to be! i'm lame.


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