Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RR Xing

I think for sure that if I saw me and I was not me I would call the cops... on me. (does that make sense?) I wandered around Tillicum last night searching for new things to photograph (who does that? ... I have too much time on my hands)...

I stopped the car at random locations and went traipsing through the “woods”. At one point, I’m setting up the tripod and backing up to see if I could get a better location and my back runs into a tree. Had I been wearing boots I’d have jumped straight out of them and left them shaking on the ground... Thankfully the only thing moving was a raccoon (who also scared me to death)

Anyway - I landed upon the railroad tracks during my journey mostly because I was too much of a chicken to venture out onto the overpass to take some really cool long exposure shots... someday, someday...

I had too much fun with these photos but relished the opportunity to do so. When Amtrak decides to put their high speed trains down these tracks I’ll never have this chance again! More on this “lovely” (ahem... pardon the heavy sarcasm) issue here.


  1. Love the railroad shots! Glad you saved the overpass for another day. And who else lurks around towns looking for new things to photograph? Well, I do, for one! And yes, I keep waiting for the cops to show up.

  2. You got to be careful.

    I would call the local police and tell them where you are going to be before you go. It depends on where you live, of course, but these days who knows why kind of creeps are out there.

  3. Awesome photos. Gorgeous.

  4. Great pics. You're inspiring me to watch the train and its tracks.

  5. Love the shots, Christina - there's something about train tracks and trains that is forever fascinating. Take it easy tho! Thanks for your visit to Menton.

  6. Nice compositions. I need to get out to experiment with night shots. We all have certain tendencies, kind of like fingerprints, don't we?

  7. Jack - Yes! We certainly do! I notice myself taking the same kind of photos in different settings. :)

    Thanks guys! You’re words are so kind and it’s fun following your work as well!


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