Saturday, May 7, 2011

She's No Lassie

My dog can bark like the best of 'em. She's a Beagle. We expected no less. Generally my husband and I both say "She's really good!.... for a beagle." She really needs that disclaimer. She's not a lab - or a golden retriever - she is guided purely by her nose and is prone to disregard what we have to say in order to pick up on the scent of a nearby squirrel. ("Squirrel! Squirrel!"... I can't compete with that)

We had family staying over this weekend and that included their mixed pound puppy "Marley". Our beagle is a typical 'female dog' and did not want Marley near ANY of her things. "What's mine is mine. What's yours is mine. Anything in between is also mine." We heard no shortage of barking and growling - with attitude.

I feel like people appreciate dogs who let them know when something is wrong MORE than just when they happen to be annoyed. I want a dog who comes to let me know that Timmy has fallen down a well... or that barks to let me know the dog herself has fallen down a well....

I do not have such a dog.

Today as we were sitting down for a BBQ at Bill's Boathouse in Tillicum - I noticed Beesly wasn't within my range of vision. I went out to call for her and, unlike most Beagles (from what I've heard), she usually comes running back to say "Here I am! Here I am! Give me a treat! Bacon!" (or something like that). This was not the case today.

We found her quietly sitting in the water, propped up on a board to keep her head above water.

Beesly H.A.T.E.S. the water. She would not have gone in willingly and at some point must have slipped. My first words should have been - "Oh my! Let's get her out!"... instead, like a terrible dog owner I shouted "Make sure she's ok! I'm gonna get my camera!" poor girl.

She was cold and very wet. A little embarrassed perhaps. But she was ok. I'm grateful for that. :)

photo courtesy of guest photographer: Matthew Anderson (brother)


  1. Hah! Poor girl ... her hair is ruined and the party just started -:)
    Great story -:)))

    Sorry ... the Spoon Bridge isn't local, though it would be a fine addition to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Somehow I don't think that is happening.

  2. That second picture is so cute! What sweet eyes and the cutest face and ears she has. I liked reading the story with the shots.

  3. How funny! And she does look embarrassed. There was no way that she could pretend that she meant to do that!

  4. Great post and what a lovely girl to go with it. Lucky you.

  5. Oh the poor thing, but I have to admit I was laughing. Let me tell you though, I've got a lab and I say the same, "He's great...for a lab"!

  6. wonderful shot, composition and details ...


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