Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

It's teacher appreciation week and I didn't want to go the whole week without recognizing a few of those people who unknowingly changed my life by what they weren't even teaching.

however... if you aren't into the story - just scroll to the photos... but it's a good one.

What is said in the classroom is often forgotten. This is evidenced by some of the kids I work with now. At the end of the day they will be spot on with the work done that day - they'll be on task and able to figure things out - the next day they'll respond "We learned that?..... yesterday?...... I don't remember".... However, the relationships built with the student and the one on one attention given makes all the difference.

For me - that teacher came when I went to college (don't get me wrong - I had lots of great teachers growing up - but none of them made me as angry as this one...)

I'd like to say that I was a bit babied by teachers in school. Not by their doing necessarily. I went to a small Christian school (the 'you have to wear dresses and ties' kind of school) and, although I'm extremely grateful for the level of education I received - no one ever told me I was wrong. I was a Christian and everything I learned solidified what I believed and made me convinced of the fact that I was right and it didn't matter what anyone else thought....

Then I went to college. My teacher pulled me into his office one day and said -

"Christina. You. are. wrong."

woah. I am stubborn by nature and no one tells me I'm wrong. (insert hand on hips, shaking finger, 'oh no you didn't)

He wanted to be sure that I knew I was wrong. We argued, we debated, he laughed, I cried. He was SO angry at God that he took this wrath out in conversations with me.

This teacher challenged me and pushed me to the limit. I questioned. I doubted. I struggled. For the first time in my life - I wrestled with my faith. And I came out stronger.

I am incredibly grateful to this man and would love to sit down and have these conversations again - I hope that you ask questions. I hope that you challenge yourself to determine why you believe what you believe and is it really real?

I hope you thank a teacher.

Took this picture mostly because I was inspired that my brother (Matthew) and his wife are coming to visit tomorrow! Pics of that are to come I'm sure.


  1. Oh I remember your reaction to Mr. Rhoades in Bible class... with that whole debate about creation...

  2. Ahhh.... So true! :) Guess this is a pattern I created for myself (although - looking back - Mr. Rhoades was probably right) Just don't tell anyone I said that. ;)

  3. Your secret is safe with me :)

  4. I like the pink pencil bucket with the orange background. That is so fun and colorful. I am so glad that you came out the other end of college with your faith still intact since so many people don't.

  5. One of my daughters is a teacher in Texas. Under-paid and under-appreciated too often. I still like the "If you can read this - thank a teacher" bumper sticker.

  6. Excellent post and I love the photos.

  7. Wouaouh !... It's the first time I come here but I really like what you say and what you show on this blog, Christina ! Your words marry magical colors and you make us travel over rainbows. You know how to put grace in every little thing of our lifes. Thank you very much, Wild Western Photograph Girl !... (And I am a teacher too...)
    Max from Eastern France.

  8. Great photos! I love the angles and the items you focused on. It's an interesting and artist way at looking at a teacher's/student's life. Bravo and keep up the great work!!!


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