Friday, May 20, 2011

So this is Love

Cue music from Disney's Cinderella....

I conned my husband into taking silhouettes with me last night. Photography is not his gig. That would be like him asking me to sit down and play guitar with him. I'd give it a shot but it's definitely not what I do best.

He obliged though as the sun was setting and it was an absolutely perfect evening.

The gauge in Tillicum for how nice it is is judged by the type of traffic at our local gas station. I drove up there before dinner time last night and there were at least 4 trucks and boat trailers. One boat was still wrapped in plastic.

First day of the year above 70 degrees? This is Love.


  1. Lovely.. I especially like your hands forming a heart! I live up in the Burien area, and I'm lovin' that Spring finally caught up! Let's hope it lasts!

  2. LOVE the heart and sun! These are great pics!

    Have a wonderful weekend =)

  3. These shots just made me feel good. They are beautiful and happy.
    This weather makes everyone friendlier, wish it would stick around!


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