Thursday, May 19, 2011

Off Limits

As a newly driving female I remember there being certain places that were "off limits" for me to go. One of those places happened to be just 3 or 4 streets over - Union Avenue. Crawling with people on a late Friday night ready and waiting to pillage and plunder any unsuspecting victims. (at least that's how it felt)

I had plenty of friends in school who, when they found out where I lived, their response was "Oh really? My dad says I'm not aloud to drive there..."

I had a college volleyball coach who, on our way back to campus after an away game, passed by Tillicum and almost stopped there in order to go to the Taco Bell. As we pulled off the highway she turned to me, "Christina! Isn't this Tillicum?? There's no way I'm taking you girls there!" ... We didn't get along. I didn't play for her for more than one season...

So - I've been meaning to take some evening photos of Union Ave. I cruised through there a few times not really landing my eye on what I wanted to photograph. I noticed the bare streets... less than a handful of cars and two police vehicles patrolling the activity.... I went up and down the street a few times...


No. I didn't get a ticket. But I could have. I noticed one cop car strategically changing locations and it was making me nervous - so the elusive Union Avenue remains elusive.

The best I could do? Hold the shutter open and drive.


  1. I love it. Both photos & the stories. Tillicum doesn't seem dangerous to me at all anymore. I know parts of it probably are, but the people are just too friendly.

  2. Fantastic shot and a great idea-
    You have a lovely blog- thanks!


  3. Kinda funny, I never noticed that sign... IT's obviously posted to give the police a reason to pull people over and harass them. When I was working for Domino's delivering pizza driving up and down Union multiple times per hour was unavoidable. Guess I was breaking the law. :)

  4. I think you meet the real characters if you walk Union Ave after 10:00 on a Friday or Saturday night....just take Kevin with you, and don't carry cash, cause you'll probably be asked for money.

  5. Just the same than Chrissy Brand said already.
    I found you through Victoria Daily.


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