Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A gal and her dog

Beesly is leash bound. That's difficult for a Beagle. That's also difficult for a photographer.

A Blue Heron makes a rare up close sighting - but there's no sneaking up on fowl when you have a hound dog at your feet.

The reason Beesly is leash bound? I put up a post recently about her mysteriously falling into a small space of water down at Bill's Boathouse. I was glad she was ok - at the time.... Beesly developed a limp. We've taken her to the vet and apparently she's popped her knee-cap out of place (!!!)... Seems like a big deal to me - but the vet didn't seem too concerned. He said to keep her on a leash (no running, juking, dodging, chasing.... all things a Beagle does best)... So she get's a good long walk per day.

Our default location in the sunshine: The Public Boat Launch... If you've been following this blog you've seen this spot before.


  1. The photo of her upside down/on her side is too funny. And that heron is AWESOME!

  2. Lovely photos. That first one is amazing! What a lucky shot :)

    Your dog is so cute!<3

  3. She looks quite happy despite the knee! :)

  4. There are no other dogs quite like a Beagle Hound. Love them. I would consider another one as soon as we get a new dog. But I would try to rescue one from the shelter and anything that looks like a Beagle would get first choice. Love you pup...


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