Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Sun Makes No Mistakes

I wore shorts yesterday.

The glare was so bright.... I wore sunglasses as well.

Generally - 66 degrees is not warm enough for shorts but we've waited far too long for warm weather. Our house also catches every bit of sunshine on the deck from about noon to sundown. This might sound nice - but during the summer that means if it's 75 outside it's 95 inside and that's WITH blackout curtains. Such is life.

Because we get so much sunlight I was actually able to sit on the deck with a good book and pretend like I might actually get some color. At the very least I soaked up a little vitamin D. Something my body has been lacking since last July.

I would MUCH rather be too hot than too cold... I love the warm weather (wonder why I live in Washington?)


  1. I love warm weather too... but yet I can't bring myself to move out of Washington

  2. Gorgeous photo in the first shot.

  3. Nice photos! I wish we had those skies here in Pittsburgh :(


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