Thursday, May 26, 2011


When it comes to wanting children to succeed, Tillicum has the corner on the market (side note - my family used to play "Pit", the card game, all the time... anyone remember that? "Corner on the Market!")....

Yesterday Communities In Schools of Lakewood, Tillicum Elementary and the Pierce County YMCA partnered up to provide some fun & nutritional enrichment opportunities for the students.

One student, of whom we are often concerned that she gets enough food, was bubbly and energetic. She was asked how she was doing and if anything had changed because she was in a particularly good mood. She patted her (non-existent) belly and responded "Ya! I don't have a stomach-ache today!" (gut-wrenching sadness over her day to day situation) But overwhelming pleasure over the nutritional food and activities provided for girls such as this.

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  1. Oooh is the chex for the yogurt?! That's such a good idea! In fact I want to try that RIGHT NOW! hahhaha... ok... so maybe I'm a little hungry while writing this comment... hahha

  2. I love these pictures Christina! Hearing about that little girl tugs on my heart strings for sure. :(

  3. What a fun idea. Very cool!


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