Friday, May 27, 2011

This one's for you!

He told me to "suck it up and get back in there" when he coached my 6th grade basketball team.
          ~He taught me to stick through it. Even when things get rough.

He let me play assistant to him when he was wedding photographer even though I'd underexposed every photo.
         ~He taught me to dream (and to learn).

He and my mom came to every sporting event 4th grade through college even though I always had losing seasons. They were there in the stands when the season was rough enough that all I wanted to do was pack up my college things and come back home.
         ~He taught me that the support of a family means everything.

He stormed into my High School teacher's office with me in order to support me in my quest to prove I was right.
         ~He taught me to stand up for myself and for what I believe in.

He had me volunteering more hours in my senior year than most high schoolers in their whole career.
         ~He taught me to stand up for those who couldn't stand for themselves.

He was preaching the moment my mom went into labor and 27 years later everyone still hears his passion for the Lord in whatever he does.
          ~He taught me the love of a Savior is more important than any of the other lessons.

To a wonderful teacher and an even better dad ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
small taste of frosting before the candles are even blown out. photo taken at last year's surprise birthday party.
photo courtesy of Abe Clary Creative Portraits  ~ 2007


  1. The relationship between father and daughter plays such a huge role in how one develops as a person and this tribute to yours is touching. Happy Birthday to him!


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