Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Popping Up Everywhere

Poppies... right? I think that’s what they are - this name is completely appropriate as they are popping up everywhere. Interesting that the poppy is supposed to symbolize “sleep & death” when they seem to be growing pretty rampantly without much effort... (yes... I googled the poppy)...

I have been proud of myself this last week or so. I purchased a few plants, put them in a pot by the front door and they are all still alive to this day. I’ve even been watering them regularly. (Pat on the back for my horticulture-ness)

My husband, my favorite youth pastor, gave an example when teaching students just the other day.

“Purchase a plant, even one that’s fairly difficult to kill. Every time you spend time reading the Gospel, praying, spending time with the Lord, water the plant. DO NOT water the plant if you have not done those things.... watch your faith grow, or watch the leaves fall to the floor from lack of nourishment and ‘soul’food.”


  1. Really beautiful! I'll have to consider that idea you shared that your husband gave. That really makes one think. . . . I wonder how my plant would do if I were to do that!?

  2. I love these poppies, beautifully captured!


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