Monday, June 20, 2011

Rotten Fruit

So ya.... I took some time off. Sorry ‘bout that... I have this insatiable need to please so I feel guilty for not posting.... incredible. I feel guilty for a blog that’s FOR me!... Huh.

Anyhow, much of my weekend (other than the times I was squeezing my dad so hard he’d say, “Not so hard - Not so hard. I need my ribs!” Love that man - best Father ever.) my weekend was consumed with thoughts of this:

When Eve saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye and desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband and he took it and ate it. Gen. 3:6

The desire for more is not new to just me and my little family. The urge to act upon impulses goes back way before my spur of the moment personality came about. I shouldn’t be surprised when I want more or when what I have is not enough - but heavens to betsy certainly I should have figured out how to control that by now?

The husband and I talked a lot this weekend about wanting more. Not anything specific necessarily but just “more”. Like what we have is not enough. Why do we do that? We have SO much as it is and yet - we are never satisfied. We discussed this a lot over the weekend and it consumed much of our devotional time together. “How can we simplify?” ...

Thank the Lord that we could have come out of this weekend with more things here and more things there and instead we are getting rid of one thing here and one thing there. It will be a difficult parting but our friend cable is going to be the first to go.

Simplify. Just because it is pleasing to the eye does not mean you need it in your life. (I’m speaking to myself here.... Needing to learn this lesson daily.)


  1. Disgusting. You make rotten fruit look good. Hahaha...

  2. The idea of simplifying has been on my mind, too! It can be so hard to let go, but I've been told it can be very freeing! :) Great colors and texture in your picture.

  3. I struggle with this one too - I'm trying to be better about it. Like when I got new birthday clothes from mom (she always buys too much), I make a point to go through my wardrobe and donate some of what I've got to make room for the new.

  4. Love your little creative , beautiful, real place..a smattering of beautiful, creative genius everywhere I look.
    Much love!

  5. hard to simplify and to want God not more things. Wonderful capture!

  6. I can relate to this so well -- I really struggle with the more, more, more tendencies. And know I see it rearing up in my kids, too. We talk a lot about "what's enough" around here -- I hope some day it might sink in (both for my kids and me!).

    Thanks for linking's lovely to meet you, and I like your place around here!

  7. Why, hello! I didn't know we were on the same boat! :) The "more" epidemic is something I often wrestle with...and seem to come up short (or extra?) a lot. Good for you taking a big step forward!! (at least cutting cable for us would be huge!)


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