Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Cello!

Picked her up yesterday. Have NO idea what to do with her. She’s pretty though - even though she’s just a student model. She’s gorgeous to my eyes. Pulled the cello out of the case when I got home and just sat to feel what it was like to have such a powerful instrument in my hands. Crazy that I’d actually take this up when I’ve just toyed with the idea for so long. 

Scheduled my first lesson for next Wednesday! I can’t wait to figure out where to start!

So... below - the gal on the left. That’s who I want to be. You can’t hear her well right off at the beginning - but this is the song that I’m aiming for. I’m gonna need a LOT of practice...


  1. & that practice is totally going to pay off! You'll love it, promise. In fact, you inspired me to pull my violin out of hiding last night! Woo for string instruments!

  2. Did you buy or are you renting? I'm interested in cost.

  3. Renting! Ted Brown is extremely reasonable. :) Although - it was a struggle at first to find a full-size. He looked at me at jokingly said - “You could play a half-size cello”... then laughed. No... No I can’t. ;)

  4. The song in the video so beautiful! The cello is such an amazing instrument. I think it's wonderful you are going to learn to play it. (btw, I'm the person who comments as JayLeigh, too... I have felt weird posting here as both and wanted to let you know it's the same person lol)

  5. Ah! That makes sense! :) So sweet to have your kind words! Thank you!

  6. this is AWESOME!!!! i'm so excited for you! cello is uuuuhhhmazing, certainly one off the most beautiful instruments, visually and aurally. And good choice of song ....you're gonna do great! :)

  7. Good for you! It can be so intimidating to pick up something new like that, and it can end up being the most rewarding thing. I LOVE the cello. This is my favorite cello piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6yuR8efotI
    Something tells me it would take a long time to learn that one. You have to be sure to emote like this guy, too. Probably don't go for the beard and fro, tho.

    Actually, I also love Nick Drake's "Cello Song" too:

    I liked the song in your post-- what a clever way to use the forest as percussion!

    Lastly, beautiful pictures-- as always.

  8. Good for you! I did the same thing... bought a hammered dulcimer... love it!

  9. #23, baby! You are making your dreams come true! I am so excited for you! Keep going! Keep moving forward! That is awesome!


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