Friday, June 24, 2011

The Simple Power of Photography

I work in the After School Program at Tillicum Elementary through Communities In Schools of Lakewood. We were recently celebrating the last day of the program and one youngster was being a typical “Grumpy Gus”....

He and I went back and forth a lot this year - “Mrs. Klas, If I misbehave and act up will you kick me out of the After School Program so that I don’t have to be here anymore?” .... Feeding off his sassy energy I responded, “Nope. The After School Program is like jail! You only get out for GOOD behavior.”.... He was stuck in the program for the rest of the year.

So... while he perched himself all alone during our end of the year partay I decided this is no way to part ways.

I sauntered over and just started snapping photos.

“Stop.... Why are you doing that?”.... I proceeded. “Why are taking my picture? What are you doing? You’re weird Mrs. Klas.”... I proceeded.

Eventually, the scowl on his face and his whole demeanor went from this:

To This:

I’m gonna miss that kid. I hope he doesn’t become one of the many who just disappear over the summer...


  1. That was really a touching story :)
    I wish I was a better picture taker and could put them in my blog! haha


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