Friday, June 17, 2011

Things I love

So... things have been kind of crazy this week... I’ve had fewer times to traipse through Tillicum in order to find the perfect photo. I’ll tell you what’s in Tillicum that I love though:


I haven’t posted a picture of her in a while and I wouldn’t want anyone to forget how cute she is (because I know that’s what people care about... The beauty of a blog is I get to pretend) 

Even I forget how sweet she was when we brought her home. Yesterday, while my small house was filled with 3 pups, a friend reminded me how I cried when we put her in our car and took her from her mother and siblings... ugh... that still pulls at my heart! (What a sap I am!)

Day #1 of our Beesly journey... February, 2009... I almost forgot that we used to have that lamp behind me. Why did I forget? We put it in storage cause Beesly chewed through the cord... (one of MANY cords)

In other “Things I love” news... I’ve been playing phone tag with the gal who’s going to teach me how to play this:

Soon to be crossing off #24 from my 50x50....
(Who would have thought that I’d make this list and then actually start accomplishing some of these things!)


  1. Seriously, the cello is my favorite stringed instrument!

  2. I know!!! Mine too!! I’m So sos osoo... excited! :)

  3. You could probably post a picture of that cute pup every day and I'd never get sick of her!

  4. You can never go wrong with puppies!

  5. What a cutie pie! I also love the cello. Have you ever heard the music of David Darling? I saw him once here in Santa Fe. His Cello Blue cd is a must have.


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