Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fire Hydrant

Perhaps fire has been on my mind? I blogged about it just recently & about how it seems to follow me everywhere. I’m pretty sure I said something like how fortunate I am to have not had any fires in my life for the last decade or so... I was wrong (before you worry about what I set ablaze I’ll go ahead and spoil the punch line - these fires are more “figurative”)

Is it the job of the woman to run around putting fires out? Or is that just my personality? People Pleaser? I’m not a fan of controversy (unless I can safely blog about it and not have to actually confront someone in person - then it’s game on!) 

This has first, I believe, become part of my job as the wife - I want all things good and wonderful to happen to and for my husband. Therefore - if I can detect something that will be upsetting to him, I like to put that fire out before he gets to it. Like being chivalrous and throwing MY coat down over the puddle (perhaps this is to my detriment?) 

It carries over to work.... ESPECIALLY at work... My job title has officially moved from “Administrative Assistant” to “Fire-putter-outer” (fire-fighter?)... There’s been much controversy at work and disagreements over the way our programs are being run. It’s become my job to, at the very least, try not to let any of these little sparks here and there ignite into full-blown raging flame...

What if I didn’t do that anymore? What if I just stepped back and let it happen? That’s an intriguing thought...


  1. Oh, just let it all happen! That's a scary thought...

  2. I love all the colors in the fire hydrant and the texture the old paint has made. Great picture! As for putting out fires . . . it sounds to me like you are a peacemaker. :) Sometimes it can be appropriate and healthy to let certain fires happen, but God can give you wisdom to know when that is.

  3. Great job with the detail in this hydrant!


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